Hyperkin has made its next version of the Xbox controller, known as & # 39;The Duke, & # 39; in front of Xbox One consoles available for pre-order. The big difference this time? This comes in translucent green.

Available on Amazon for pre-order and shipping on October 22 for the same $ 69 (about £ 52, AU $ 97) as before, this version of The Duke includes all the features of the original black version of this controller that was shipped earlier this year by Hyperkin.

This is also a wired controller with a 1.6 m long cable and a LED display in the middle that moves just like the original Xbox when starting up an Xbox One. The controller also features rumbling feedback and precision analog triggers for deeper control in games such as Forza Horizon 4.

The black and white face buttons of the controller are respectively for the right and left bumper buttons. Finally, the controller is compatible with Windows 10 Both PCs and Xbox One consoles so that a giant library of classic Xbox games is opened to play with this throwback controller.

Through Windows Central