Dell Black Friday deals in 2018 are incredibly likely, given the huge deals the IT company has offered in 2017. That means you will not want to miss anything this year and we are there to help you with the preparation.

We expect Dell to offer huge Black Friday deals on many of its best laptops and desktops. Better yet, Dell is known for offering full deals on other products, such as third-party accessories, headphones and speakers on Black Friday.

You can earn a lot more than just a shiny, new laptop by following Dell's Black Friday deals this year. But you want to make sure you get the best possible price for the best possible product, so read on for ways to ensure you get the best Dell deals on Black Friday 2018.

How to get the best deals from Dell on Black Friday / Cyber ??Monday
Last year, Dell had some great deals for its laptops and desktops for almost all of November in an attempt to stay ahead of the competition. The company began distributing the deals as early as Black Friday on November 15th.

Although we hear something from the horse's mouth, it is wise to anticipate a similar approach from Dell for Black Friday 2018.

We will certainly mark the most important Dell product deals as soon as they are available, but here are some specific brands and models that have to be started around mid-November and that all received significant discounts last year.

The best Dell Black Friday deals last year

Dell XPS 13 - 15% discount
The Black Friday last year had some great deals for Dell laptops, including a hefty 15% discount on one of the best laptops in the world: the Dell XPS 13.

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 - up to £ 364.65 (was £ 429)
This excellent laptop had declined 15% of the asking price in the run-up to Black Friday, with the EARLYBIRD15 code. Can Dell offer a similar promotion this year?

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 - up to £ 364.65 (was £ 599)
Again, this was a brilliant Dell laptop that had a pre-cut Black Friday award thanks to the price EARLYBIRD15 code.

Dell Inspiron 15 5579 2-in-1 - up to £ 636.65 (was £ 749)
If you want more flexibility with your Dell laptop, the Inspiron 15 5579, which can turn the screen to turn into a tablet, last year got a 15% price cut with the EARLYBIRD15 code.

15% discount on the Dell XPS 15
This notebook lists our best laptops, and last year Black Friday saw that Dell reduced the price of its cheapest XPS 15 from £ 1,429 to £ 1,214.

Alienware 17 gaming laptop - more than £ 400 off
Dell's Alienware brand of gaming laptops also received some excellent deals over Black Friday. Take the brilliant Alienware 17, which had a price reduction of more than £ 400.

Best Dell Black Friday deals predictions for 2018
We are now handling the best laptop deals on Black Friday long enough so that we can make some decent predictions for Black Friday 2018.

Major brands such as Dell are likely to deliver large price reductions for their range of laptops, both budget and high-end. Last year, Dell's XPS 13 and XPS 15 laptops saw generous price reductions and we hope to see similar cutbacks this year. They are two of the best laptops you can buy, so if you find that they get two discounts on Black Friday, be sure to consider buying them.

If Black Friday has something to offer last year, Dell will start offering great discounts for the day itself, so keep the offers for & # 39; early bird & # 39; closely monitor. We post messages that we find here. There is probably a discount voucher that you can use, similar to the one EARLYBIRD15 discount coupon used in the run-up to Black Friday last year.

To prepare for the inevitable Dell Black Friday deals, read on for our tips on securing the best deals.

Know what you want before Black Friday
Before Black Friday, compose a list of what you want from your Dell notebook and any models or brands that you appreciated. This means that your deal hunting can be focused and more successful.

This also helps you avoid buying cash that you might regret later, especially if you want a deal for a product that you want to see later and have spent all your budget.

Sizing things
First of all, you should consider the total size of the Dell laptop you buy. The most common sizes are 13-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch laptops, with 17-inch models that are becoming less and less popular nowadays. (There are also slightly smaller and larger devices out there, but you will encounter less quickly).

Smaller laptops are not only portable, but also more affordable. Larger laptops, conversely, offer a wider screen and because there is more space inside, you will find powerful processors and a larger battery.

If you are often on the road looking for something you often want to do along the way, you opt for a more compact laptop that is light (less than 4 kg, preferably less than 3 kg).

Check the specifications
A long look at the configuration of the Dell laptop before you buy can give a clear idea of ??whether the deal is worth considering. If the specifications point to an old or almost empty laptop, then the deal might not be as good as you first thought.

On the other hand, if the specifications point to a strong laptop that comes with features that you will rarely - or never - use, you can do better to save your money and search elsewhere.

As far as performance is concerned, the most important thing that is considered are the core parts in the machine. That is your processor, system memory, storage and - to a lesser extent - the graphics processor.

When it comes to the main processor, most CPUs that you will find will be manufactured by Intel. Although the Intel Core i5 is a pretty powerful model, the Core i7 is in any case the most powerful choice.

Most people will not need the kind of oomf of Core i7 offers unless you are deeply involved in games, video editing or other heavy tasks. So, the Core i5 is the ideal middle-class option. There is also the entry level Core i3 processor, if you are looking for an affordable machine that you do not want to use for anything more demanding than surfing the internet or drafting documents.

Very thin laptops probably contain an Intel processor from the Y-series, because they can work without fans to cool them down. The interaction here is that they are not nearly as efficient - an example is the Core m3-7Y30. Note that the chips from the Y series have Core m & # 39; models (m3 / m5 / m7), which is simply another way to label them as CPUs with lower power .

Intel Atom processors are found on a large scale in the truly affordable portables and, shockingly, they do not run as smoothly. If you only want to use the laptop for basic web surfing, you will make up for it, but this is not a restriction that is acceptable to most users.

However, Intel is not the only choice - you can easily opt for an AMD APU, an Accelerated Processing unit, that has a CPU and a GPU (graphics processor) on the same chip. There is a growing number of devices with AMD hardware, offering you more options and generally being cheaper than laptops with Intel support and comparable performance.

RAM counts
The next piece to think about is system memory or RAM. Ideally, you want at least 4 GB, although 8 GB is the preferred option for future-proofing and any type of gaming. Some more affordable laptops still run with 2 GB of RAM, but nowadays it is not enough to make Windows 10 work properly, although it technically meets the system requirements for the operating system.

Sometimes the speed of the RAM is indicated in MHz, but do not worry too much about it; it is the amount of RAM that is more important than speed in terms of performance.

Storage selection
Today you will notice that many Dell notebooks use an SSD (solid-state drive) for storage. SSDs offer fast and responsive performance, which translates to apps and programs that are quickly loaded.

Better affordable models are more likely to use eMMC disks and although they use flash memory, like an SSD, they are clearly slower.

eMMC is an effective tool for laptop manufacturers to save corners and costs, and that is precisely why you will often find it on budget laptops.

If you want to save some scratches, an eMMC drive is often a trade-in value that's worth it, because these drives are still faster than standard hard drives - even if only a little bit.

Traditional hard disks (which you will often find as an HDD or hard drive) are the slowest, but cheapest and most spacious storage medium. Their strength lies in the fact that they usually have a much larger capacity - you can find storage space up to 1 TB, even in affordable hardware.

A rotational speed per minute (rpm) is always indicated with a hard disk, and the faster disks run at 72,200 rpm, with slower disks at a speed of 5,400 rpm. The latter can be rather slow as a rule of thumb, but keep in mind that, as with SSDs, the performance of the individual disks is different.

Reviews are your buddy here, so do not be afraid to use a particular model from Google and look for an evaluation or two (and again, you can view TechRadar's assessment section).

Images and display
Most Dell laptops have integrated graphics, which means that the GPU is connected to the CPU and that the visual performance is therefore rather limited. With integrated graphics - called Intel HD Graphics or Intel Iris, when it comes to Intel chips - you can play casual games, but nothing more than that.

This will be OK for the average laptop user, but for those who want to play more heavy games, a separate GPU is needed - a graphics processing solution that is separate from the overall processor.

For example, the GeForce MX150 is the current (Pascal-based) mobile GPU at ground level of Nvidia, but you may need to do something more powerful than that for really powerful performance. An example of a more powerful GPU would be the GeForce GTX 1060, but it should be noted that prices can rise quickly when it comes to stronger and stronger GPUs.

Regarding screens: most mid-level laptops offer a Full HD screen by default, which is a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080.

However, when you move the price range to more affordable models, you will still notice that there are many products that only offer a resolution of 1.366 x 768. Do not let this put you off.

This resolution is actually fine, especially on smaller laptops. Indeed, a smaller resolution is often an advantage for a laptop with less powerful hardware, because there are fewer pixels for CPU and GPU to shift, making it more likely that things run smoothly.

This is something that gamers may also want to remember. Although a 4K screen looks and sounds like a great idea, it will take a big toll on the main components of your machine. Sometimes it is worthwhile to sacrifice a bit of image quality for smoother frame rate.

High resolution 4K screens will also use the battery of your laptop much faster. Since this is an area where gaming laptops are struggling, you can consider what you lose to get 4K.

Keep the receipts
Make sure you keep your receipts in case you are not satisfied with your purchases and want a refund. It is also worth checking the refund policy of websites before you buy on Black Friday.

Some retailers also offer longer guarantees than others, which could be a decisive factor when purchasing a laptop or MacBook on Black Friday. A three or five year warranty on your laptop gives you peace of mind, knowing that if something goes wrong, you are covered.

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